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The Tucson Noise Symposium is a co-presentation of To Stretch Yr Ears, Sound+Noise, Bank Notes,, Pushing Buttons, Mullarky, and Exploded View.

with generous support from University of Arizona: English Dept, School of Information Science, LGBT Institute


See links on this document to each venue or event, and additionally, you can write to us here.

The Tucson Noise Symposium


A week of performances and other events in Tucson, April 3 - 9 2017.

The idea is: Let's gather together people doing noise in Tucson (and beyond!) Let's listen to all the different ways they are doing noise. I don't know what noise is. One recent definition off the top of my head: sound-making with an identity crisis. We asked a variety of show makers in Tucson to organize shows that highlight noise (as they know it, think it, imagine it). Everything is open to everybody and each show is 5 dollars or free.


Monday, April 3 @7:00pm Pomoro Watchable Wildlife SKU:uLf03k Jaime J. Soto Go as Death Lav Andula Depressive Fugly Chuds Scott Mitting Jonathan Rex Tuesday, April 4 @ 7:00pm [secret location] (ask us where) CRUZHANGNOOSE Young Trucker Desvelada Kezz Wednesday, April 5 @ 7:30pm Exploded View Not Breathing David Sherman Matt Rios Anthony Sanchez Eric Schlappi

A mashup night of harsh noise and primitive 8 bit (utopian) video games! Hacking into the evening is Tucson's twisted techno treasure Matt Rios navigating hardware game glitches. The feature act is an epic re-appropriation of 1984's King's Quest videogame through the sonic noise of Eric Schlappi, Anthony Sanchez, David Sherman and the all-consuming noise progenitor magus NOT BREATHING (David Wright).

Thursday, April 6 @11:00 AM University of Arizona Student Union, Agave Room Mark Hosler, masterclass / talk @3:00 - 5:00 PM UA Art Museum Tracie Morris talk @7:00pm 191 Toole Mark Hosler of Negativland Jeff Greinke Need Sunfucked Skincage Fawn Bones Nathan Youngblood & William Merkle Chelsea Trejo ijustsawyoudie Vicki Brown 10:00pm Club Congress Palmbomen II Rough Idol grey sweater audio sunfucked Otis Friday, April 7 @10:00AM LGBTQ Institute at UA Bob Ostertag talk @3:00PM University of Arizona, Harvill Building, Room 415 Bob Ostertag Media / Noise Master Class @6 PM - 9.30 PM Tucson Scottish Rite Cathedral Tracie Morris for Kore Press: Talking Back to Eyes Wide Shut @8:00PM Thinktank Bob Ostertag Eric Schlappi Lana Del Rabies Jim Colby Glenn Weyant Space of Hearts (Samantha Bounkeua & Jimmy Carr) Seth Kasselman Gwen Reed Grant Beyschau Saturday, April 8 @12.30 - 2 PM Jewish History Museum Sound & Politics Panel Tracie Morris, Bob Ostertag, Mark Hosler, with UA professors as respondents. @3:00 PM Steinfeld Warehouse Noise & Poetry (by donation) Samuel Ace & Tracie Morris (Collaboration) @8:00 p.m. Flycatcher Pushing Buttons with Dreek, Bedlam, Young Trucker, Hyrvle Fvntvsy, Oxcyde, Kalter Trost, Altrice, Will Fase Sunday, April 9 @8:00PM Flycatcher Outsider Industries Khaine