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The Tucson Noise Symposium is a co-presentation of To Stretch Yr Ears, Bank Notes,, and Exploded View.

with generous support from University of Arizona: English Dept, School of Information Science, LGBT Institute


See links on this document to each venue or event, and additionally, you can write to us here.

The Tucson Noise Symposium


The TNS is an annual, several-day festival/conference in Tucson, Arizona, in April, with related events at other times. (You can see information about our inaugural 2017 fest here.

The 2018 symposium will be April 24 - 28. Featured guests include Bonnie Jones and Suzanne Thorpe (Techne), Jon Leidecker, John Niekrasz, Zachary Watkins, Lana Del Rabies, Jessica Schwartz, Amy Cimini, and more. Venues include Exploded View Microcinema, Dunbar School Project, University of Arizona Music School, and Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art.

The idea is: Let's gather together people doing noise in Tucson (and beyond!) Let's listen to all the different ways they are doing noise. Everything is open to everybody and each show is 5 dollars or free.

Map of all venues:

Complete Schedule

		Tuesday, April 24


		3.30 PM, Room 205, ENR2 Building, UA Campus: "Feminism + Noise," a talk by Bonnie Jones and Suzanne Thorpe.


		Wednesday, April 25

		10 AM, @ MOCA Tucson: a TECHNE Workshop for young 

		women, "Build a Contact Mic Instrument." 


		7 PM, @ MOCA Tucson: a performance by Bonnies Jones & 

		Suzanne Thorpe (duo) w/ Karima Walker, and 

		Confirmation Bias


		10 PM, @ Floor Polish: Destined for Greatness tape 

		release featuring DO(OM) Yoga, performed live by Illslur


		Thursday, April 26


		12 PM – 7 PM @ Exploded View Microcinema: Saxorcism, a 

		sound installation by Jim Colby


		3:30 PM, Room 146, Fred Fox School of Music: "Lingua 

		Frantica," a musico-poetics workshop with John 



		7:30 PM, @ Exploded View Microcinema: performances 

		by Jim Colby, John Niekrasz, Patrick Cain, and 



		Friday, April 27


		Talks @Education North Building, UA Campus:


		10 AM: Jon "Wobbly" Leidecker on the history of feedback


		11.30 AM: Zachary James Watkins on new "Black noise, and Sam An (aka Lana 

		Del Rabies) on what it means to work in darker genres

		2 PM: Amy Cimini and Eric Laska on listening, arbitrary 

		spaces, and noise


		3.30 PM: Jessica Schwartz, "Los Angeles. The City of 

		Angels. Punked." 


		7 PM, @ Dunbar African-American Community Center:

		Zachary Watkins, Lana Del Rabies, Amy Cimini, 

		Modular Biologique, The Degenerates, Khaine Alhazared, Zak Giguereski, & Zachary Reid (trio), 

		Adam Cooper-Terán, Non-Binary Noise Choir


		Saturday, April 28 


		2 PM, Room 146, Fred Fox School of Music: "New York School Now:" Jon Leidecker, Glenn Weyant, and 

		Michael Dauphinais performing Cage, Young, Lucier, and more.


		7 PM, @ Dunbar African-American Community Center: 

		GRLA (LA), Dayak, Orange Circle, FGGTFAILUR, Depressive, Ryan Phen Troncoso, Genitals, Prabjit Virdee, 
                      Jeff Lownsbury


		Late Night, @ Dunbar: Sibilance, DJs PU Stinky and Helthy J